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Rachel Manija Brown

Life Coach

I believe that you are the expert on your own life. I'm here to help you find the life you want, not the life that your family or society or community says you ought to have. 

I love working with problems that have been weighing you down for years. My specialty is helping you find hope and joy when you thought that was absolutely impossible. 

I specialize in working with people in the LGBTIAQ communities, abuse and trauma survivors, people who don't fit into mainstream society, and anyone who just feels different.

What is Life Coaching
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What Is Life Coaching?

You can thrive under stress. You can have the life you want for yourself, no matter how much trauma and pain you’ve endured in the past. Life coaching focuses on the strengths you already have, to help you take control of your life and steer it to the path that YOU want to be on.


A life coach helps you identify and overcome obstacles in order to achieve your goals. Obstacles might include traumas and negative experiences in the past, life and work stress, unhelpful habits that are holding you back, relationship difficulties, life changes that are hard to adjust to, fears and worries preventing you from reaching your highest potential, or social prejudices such as racism, sexism, or homophobia. Life coaching helps you tap into your resilience and frees you to thrive.

What I Do

I help people solve problems and deal with life issues, from the seemingly smallest to the most difficult, from the very practical to the very emotional. If it's important to you, then it's important to me. 

We work at a pace that's comfortable for you. I will never try to force you to do anything that you don't want to do, or tell me anything you're not comfortable with discussing. 

Nothing you tell me will strike me as weird or unbelievable. Maybe you experienced something that you’re not sure was really that bad, but it’s holding you back and you want to move forward. Maybe it was so bad that you’re afraid that anyone you tell about it will be upset or horrified. I will never shame you for being affected by something that seems minor, and I am extremely hard to shock or horrify. Most of all, I will never judge you.

I love working with people who don’t fit into mainstream society, abuse and trauma survivors, LGBTIAQ people, first responders, veterans, refugees and immigrants, people in fandom or who have important internet-based relationships, neurodivergent people, disabled people, people with a chronic illness or chronic pain, and anyone who just feels different.


Areas of Expertise
Abuse and Trauma
Cult Survivors
Fears and Worries
Practical Solutions


About Rachel

I’ve worked as a trauma therapist (AMFT), a disaster relief worker, a professional writer of novels, television, and comic books, a stage manager, a teacher, and a traveling salesperson. I have a BA in theatre from UC Santa Cruz, an MFA in playwriting from UCLA, and an MA in clinical psychology from Antioch University (Los Angeles), specializing in trauma. I have two cats and six chickens. 

How It Works

We meet for one-hour sessions over Zoom. The standard cost is $150 per session. I do not accept insurance. However, I do offer lower fees based on what you can afford, down to $30/session. 


I can see anyone in any state or country. I am located in the USA, in Pacific Time. Fees are in US dollars.


Sessions are completely confidential. I do not disclose anything you tell me. There are some very limited exceptions to this which I will review with you before we begin. (For instance, if a client threatens to kill someone, I cannot keep that secret.)

Email, text, or call for a free 15-30 minute video consultation. If you’re not sure if life coaching is for you, contact me for a consultation.


Text/Phone: (424) 241-2141


Phone/Text: (424) 241-2141

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